Giving The People What they Want

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Grind City Kicks (GCK) was founded in Memphis by a visionary but built by a group of people that had a high interest for shoes but had a greater passion for helping and impacting people. They combined their interest and passion and created a brand that is not only an online shoe and apparel store, but a brand that collaborates with nonprofit organizations and other businesses to impact the greater community. GCK uses its platform to motivate and encourage the youth towards excellence, and also uses the same platform to bring awareness to social issues in the community.



Chima Onwuka, now sole Owner and CEO of Grind City Kicks after his partner and Grind City Kicks founder lost interest and wanted to rebrand. Chima was left with no other option but to buy out his business partner to save the brand. Chima repeatedly states that GCK is a significant part of him and it was created based on everything that he believes in. He says GCK is another platform that allows him to use his God given talent which is to help impact and motivate others in the community. Chima says that even though he is the Owner and CEO of GCK, he wants the community to feel like it is their brand as well. Chima calls GCK “The People’s Brand”, because he uses the opinions and perspectives of the community to create unique designs for GCK clothing while selling popular sneakers.

“GCK has shown me how much leverage a pair of shoes can positively impact an individual or a community”

-Chima Onwuka